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The Decem­ber 23rd Black Fri­day Wal­mart strike in the US is about dig­nity and fair­ness for Wal­mart work­ers and an end to Wal­mart retal­i­a­tion when they speak out for those rea­son­able and just demands.  It is infor­mal and decen­tral­ized, yet has proven to be excep­tion­ally effec­tive — per­haps for those very reasons.

I am writ­ing this from Canada in sol­i­dar­ity with US Wal­mart work­ers and the incred­i­ble courage and sheer bril­liance they have shown in orga­niz­ing these actions that are cap­tur­ing the hearts and minds of so many.  It is also recog­ni­tion that this strike has major impli­ca­tions out­side the US, as there are 300+ stores in Canada and thou­sands in Mex­ico and other parts of the world.

I’ll aim to keep updat­ing this list and if I have miss any impor­tant pieces, orga­ni­za­tions, etc…, please let me know! —dp


Our Wal­mart - OUR Wal­mart is an orga­ni­za­tion of, by, and for cur­rent and for­mer Wal­mart Asso­ciates and is heav­ily involved in  orga­niz­ing the Black Fri­day actions. Be sure to check out their web­site for a much richer under­stand­ing of what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Mak­ing Change at Wal­mart -  Anchored by the United Food and Com­mer­cial Work­ers (UFCW), Mak­ing Change at Wal­mart is a coali­tion of Wal­mart asso­ciates, union mem­bers, small busi­ness own­ers, reli­gious lead­ers, women’s advo­cacy groups, com­mu­nity groups, multi-ethnic coali­tions, elected offi­cials, and ordi­nary cit­i­zens who believe that chang­ing Wal­mart is vital for the future of our coun­try (and the world).



Why We Should All Care About the Wal­mart Strikers

How to change Wal­mart - Back­ground and action guide in GIF form!

Black Fri­day Strike Will Test the Power of High-Stakes Online Organizing

Wal­mart Orga­niz­ing Comes of Age: An Inter­view With UFCW Orga­niz­ing Direc­tor Pat O’Neill

Wal­mart Ex-Employee Was Hand­cuffed in Front of Workers



Walmart’s his­toric first strike: Amer­i­can work­ers are on the move

Why Wal­mart, Why Now?

Wal­mart, the Most Pow­er­ful Com­pany in the World, Admits that Protests and Strikes Lead to Wage Increases

As Wal­mart strikes go viral in the US, Cana­dian ‘Asso­ciates’ have “plenty of rea­son to be inspired”, says Canada’s lead­ing retail work­ers union

Lim­its to the Low-Road Busi­ness Model [PDF]

Wal-Mart Is Scared to Death, Scared to Look at Its Own Angry Employees

LIFE AT WAL-MART (Gawker Series)

1. The Work­ers Speak

2. Sur­viv­ing on the Inside

3. Wel­come to Hell



Wal­mart Strike Memo Reveals Con­fi­den­tial Man­age­ment Plans

Walmart’s Black Fri­day Ulti­ma­tum: Wal­mart work­ers are now threat­en­ing to walk out on the year’s biggest shop­ping day

Hun­dreds of Dis­grun­tled Wal­mart Employ­ees Rally Out­side Home Office [with video]

Union Leader Banned From Wal­mart After Action Campaign

Wal­mart worker strikes go viral, hit­ting 28 stores in 12 states


Investors not protest­ing Wal-Mart. Stock at all-time high.

Walmart’s Bil­lion­aire Own­ers $1.6 Bil­lion Richer As Big-Box Giant Takes On Banks

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