& project launches." href="http://www.reworkit.net/2013/08/26/september-upcoming-web-design-project-launches/" >Anticipation! Busy September for reWORKit: website <span class=& project launches." class="woo-image thumbnail alignleft" width="300" height="225" />

& project launches.">Anticipation! Busy September for reWORKit: website & project launches.

reWORKit has been pretty quiet pub­licly for the last few months, but that’s not because I’ve been at the beach all sum­mer sip­ping Mar­gar­i­tas. It’s been a fun, but also very pro­duc­tive, nose-to-the-grindstone kind of sum­mer and it’s about to bear fruit! At the risk of over-horn toot­ing, here’s what’s com­ing down the pipeline. Keep an […]

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The Harper Panda directs him to where the real news is. Nishiyuu

Harper Panda gives directions

Prime Min­is­ter Harper is focused on photo-ops with Panda’s while a march of Cree youth to arrive in Ottawa to press for changes to Indige­nous people’s treat­ment. Pri­or­i­ties way off. Back­ground: Indige­nous youth on epic jour­ney to Ottawa deserve atten­tion and respect Jour­ney of Nishiyuu began with vision, ends with hope wolves will unite Watch the livestream […]

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Walmart Strike! Links to background, analysis and action

    The Decem­ber 23rd Black Fri­day Wal­mart strike in the US is about dig­nity and fair­ness for Wal­mart work­ers and an end to Wal­mart retal­i­a­tion when they speak out for those rea­son­able and just demands.  It is infor­mal and decen­tral­ized, yet has proven to be excep­tion­ally effec­tive — per­haps for those very rea­sons. I am […]

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Uh oh, Florida is at it again…


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Windsor, Toronto students walkout in support of teachers’ right to strike

Stu­dent walk­outs in Ontario in sup­port of teach­ers and against Bill 115 appear to be grow­ing.   Today in Wind­sor and Essex county, hun­dreds of stu­dents have refused to attend class and have ral­lied in sup­port of teach­ers against the gov­ern­ment imposed wage freeze, lim­i­ta­tion of sick days and the removal of teacher’s right to strike. In Toronto, 35 […]

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Yunel Escobar, homophobia, and Major League Baseball.

Major League Base­ball has a lot of its own homo­pho­bia to over­come before it can get too self-righteous about the Yunel Esco­bar slur. But oppor­tu­nity knocks.   The homo­pho­bic slur (“Tu ere mar­icón’ — loosely trans­lated as, ‘You are sissy / faggy’) that Yunel Esco­bar placed on his eye black dur­ing a Red Sox-Blue Jays game […]

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David Graeber and David Harvey on Occupy and more

I’ve pur­chased both of their newest books (Debt: The First 5000 Years, and Rebel Cities) over the past 6 months, but have I read them?  I think the time has come, though I’ll prob­a­bly start with the lit­tle one.  In the mean­time… “Respec­tively two of the fore­most the­o­rists of Marx­ist geog­ra­phy and the Occupy move­ment, Harvey […]

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The Macdonald Laurier Institute’s Corporate and Conservative ties

It’s worth keep­ing an eye out for the Mac­don­ald Lau­rier Insti­tute, and tak­ing their ‘inde­pen­dent, non-partisan’ reports with a grain of salt. [Reuters] A new report from the Mac­don­ald Lau­rier Insti­tute (MLI) dis­misses NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s recent claim that Canada’s oil and gas focused econ­omy is pro­duc­ing eco­nomic value that tends to ben­e­fit only cer­tain parts of the coun­try.  Instead, […]

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Toronto library workers strike rally

Toronto library workers strike rally

Below are some pic­tures I took at the CUPE 4948 library work­ers  strike rally at Toronto city hall today.  If you love your library, please sup­port them! Check out their site here: CUPE local 4948 I have lived in a few dif­fer­ent cities over the years and I have seen how dev­as­tat­ing fund­ing cuts can be […]

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& relocation threats">

& relocation threats">5 Caterpillar talking points: Profits, tax breaks & relocation threats

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